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got our tix for the gamee ! woo ! 😁👍👏🏀 #knicks vs. #rockets #linsanity #madisonsquaregarden #newyork @m0mie5254 we so in thereeede !!!

guess who just got tix to their first game of the season?! yup ! me and @m0mie5254 !!! #knicks #rockets #linsanity #msg #newyork #carmelo #cantwaittttttt

Knicks win Game 4 …

Lin is still a possibility to play Game 5, so there could be a possibility that there can be a “Linsanity #2” if he works his magic again … but imagine goin through an injury and then coming back to a game that can be your team’s last season game … that’s some damn pressure … plus the confidence that you need and the fear of hurting your knee even more . damn . there’s so much on his plate right now … i wouldn’t even play … although, the knicks really need him with all their main PGs out .. we’ll see how it goes.. plus, it’ll be at Miami ? GOOD LUCK .. 

but thank god the knicks won today … i didnt want them to be slaughtered and not winnin  at least one game .. lol so good job KNICKS !

one more? maybe ? i have hope….



The Knicks defeated the Bobcats tonight 104-84, securing the number 7 seed and will face the Miami Heat in Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs! Here we go!!! ;)


Oh the things that these two @jlin7 @landryfields can come out with……They need a  show. Like Phineas and Ferb. XD