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Hold Up.

Let’s take a second to recognize the sheer amount of pimp in this picture.  Not only is this man, John Legend, is being chauffeured around in a luxury car, but there a scandalous female next to him.  Not only is a scandalous female next to him, but she has her legs open, in the car, with one leg on his head, and one in his crotch.  She is essentially inviting him to have sex with her by physically opening her legs and saying “Fuck me.”  And all the while, this player of a man is not enticed or even focused on the possibility of having sex with the amazing pair of legs we see in this picture, or even the vagina in between them, but is texting on his phone because this happens so damn often for him, he just doesn’t give a shit.

John Legend, everyone.

I will forever reblog this picture.

my life.